Welcome to the Goosnav WikiEdit

In the late 28th century, the solar system is on the brink of total Time Police control. Goosnav and a group of brave fighters in the Bingus Corporation defense group stand as the only protection against Xylon's power. Lurking in the Void, the Atheryan, and the Dreamscape, lie even greater threats to the solar system that only a dive deeper into the secrets of the darkness can unveil. Enter the Quantumverse.

To the side of primary lore is a plethora of canon extended universe lore, including the Railer Archives video tapes released by Heverandt Bartholomew Krissos II and the Archive Hunters' quest against Mr. Ping, the Void documentations of YouLeftYourOvenOn and many factions that have arisen from GOOSNAV HQ such as The Banished, The Rising Sun Federation, Gim-Gim's Orbital Station, Balfouria, the Jegglands, The Republic of Gonzo, Losettia, the Underworld and many more.

Add Your Own LoreEdit

The Quantum-Verse and Goosnavic Lore community is a free-to-add contribution-based network of stories told by many different people, and open to anyone and everyone. You can add any Goosnavic or general meme lore that you would like (this includes Surreal meme lore, Zalgo lore etc). If you have ever written any sort of lore or backstory that you think would fit well in the Quantum-verse, contribute it here! But please make sure it doesn't conflict with the canon lore.


Goosnavic lore video on Goosnav's youtube channel.